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Friday, March 28, 2014

Molly Morepork and the Lost Campers

This week Room 6 is reading 
Molly Morepork and the lost campers by Janet Martin.

Molly the Morepork only comes out at night. All of the other birds have gone to bed and she has nobody to play with. Then one night some children get lost in the bush. Can Molly show them the way back to their camp?

For word study, we searched the book looking for past tense verbs. 
We sorted the verbs according to the spelling pattern:

  • add -ed
  • double the consonant and add -ed
  • drop the silent e and add -ed
  • change the y to an i and add -ed

The Morepork is a New Zealand Native Owl. 

We researched other facts about Moreporks.
Write a comment about what you have found out about Moreporks. 
Be sure to include facts that you have learned.

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