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Monday, March 17, 2014

Wow over 3200 page views!

Congratulations to Room 6! We are proudly building up a community of viewers that follow and view our blog. Astin was lovely enough to bake us a cake to celebrate this occasion and share it with us today at School. 
Thank you to Astin and Way-to-Go Room 6!

Check out Astin's blog here Astin's Awesome Blog


  1. What an amazing effort Room 6. You must be very proud of your blog. It has a lot of information about your class. We'll done. I am hoping that students at our school will be able to attract as many visitors.

  2. Wow! looks like a fun celebration.
    Astin made the comment that, he baked the cake because he is a better cook than his mum.

  3. He is a fabulous cook! Have you not seen my cakes at the gala? How are your baking skills? I think Astin and Mr Spice should have a bake off!

  4. I think that Mr Spice should bake something special when you page gets to 5,000 page views. Mrs Ericsson that is simply a phenomenal number of page views for a page. I also want to commend you on the quality of your site and the work that your students are producing. Its a credit to yourself and the students that its all going so well and I know for a fact that you are inspiring other students and staff at Auroa Primary School.
    Mr Webb

  5. Hi Regan here. The puppet pal is so good Jonte and Jackson.

  6. Tena koutou te ruma ono

    I have enjoyed watching and listening to you all in room six, talking and laughing about what inspires you all,
    To you Jonte and Jackson wow what a awesome job you both have done on your puppet pal. Keep up the great work. To Astin thank you for baking the lovely cake for our room.
    Alidia I just want to say, your site and all the work that you and the children have done has been outstanding.
    Mrs Debique