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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Battleship

A story written by Jackson on an initial experience we created at school.

Room 6 from Auroa school went on a cruise ship to the island of DOOM! 
We waved to our family good bye. After we got on the ship we started sun bathing in the oven, hot sun. It was so relaxing. 
Suddenly we all woke up, shocked. We all looked up and we saw a treacherous cloud and it started to rain heavily. The ship started to go into a storm. We were terrified because we were close to the island of doom. There was lots of lightning and we were TERRIFIED! Suddenly a HUGE wave came over our ship. SPLASH! A tremendous water bomb went all over the ship. We had arrived at the island of DOOM!
We stepped off the ship terrified. Zombie pigs pound onto us. I got out my machine-gun and shot them down. 20 crazy bazooka monsters shot down the ship. We all panicked. Suddenly we were surrounded by ufo’s, crazy bazooka monsters, aliens, zombie pig men, zombies and magma elementals. We were terrified of those vicious creatures. We suddenly got out our shovels and dug under the vicious creatures onto the beach. They started chasing us. I found some speed boats and we took off like bullets back to the harbor.  

by Jackson

Have a great holiday,

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  1. Jackson, I really enjoyed reading your story. Great work!