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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wow! End of Year Concert 1990's Rock!

Wow! Tonight we had an amazing performance by Room 6! The last time we will all be together. If you would like to purchase a full performance please visit the school site 
I am so lucky to have such an amazing and terrific bunch of children. Their performance was outstanding and went off without a hitch! All in time and with smiles! Funny how it all comes together on the night! Well done to all of the parent support for costumes and practices at home. It's this well supported team of parents, students and teacher that has made this well oiled machine called Room 6, rock their way to an amazing performance tonight. I hope you all have an amazing and restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of you at school next year! Enjoy!

This is our story...
Our concert was about change of time through the decades. Room 6 had 1990's. Wow, flash back to my childhood and teenage years! It was a great chance to play all my favourite music plus more, Nirvana, AC/DC, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls. We also showcased some things that began or were current in the 1990s such as the World Wide Web, mobile phones, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons and Toy Story.
Enjoy our photo story below...

Regan 'Spice Girls'

Having a good laugh with friends!

 Jackson 'MC Hammer'

'Michael Jackson & Teenage Mutan' Ninja Turtle'

'Spice Girls' Sammy, Jessica, Ella, Regan

'Vanilla Ice' Tyler, Koby, Te Rau, Blake

Ella zoning in

On our way!

The trek to the Community Hall

'Buzz Light Year & Billy Ray Cyrus' Mcallum, Connor, Caris, Jake

'Bart Simpson & MC Hammer' Ashley, Corban, Georgia, Jackson

 Fraser, Jonte, Ryan

'World Wide Web, AC DC, Mobile Phone'

 Movie watching before the big performance!

 Te Rau holding the gate open for everyone on the way to our performance.

 Team boost before going on stage

Nerves kicking in! Jackson and Corban

 Kassie 'Nirvana'

Kassie and Ella

Jordan 'Michael Jackson'

Koby and Te Rau 'Vanilla Ice'

Jackson, Blake and Corban

Jake and Mcallum

Mcallum 'Buzz Light Year'

Ashley and Georgia 'MC Hammer'

Jonte and Jackon

Jordan, Tyler and Jackson

Connor 'Billy Ray Cyrus'

Caris and Regan

Ryan 'Mobile phone'

Regan and Sammy 'Spice Girls'

After an amazing 'thumbs up' performance!

'Nirvana' Jonte, Ella, Regan, Kassie

I'm going to miss you guys.
Have a lovely break.
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  1. To Miss E
    merry xmas hohoh have a happy new year have happy time.
    I love dancing at the end of the year.

  2. to miss e
    merry christmas and happy new year what a great end of year dance. thank you for being a great teacher to me. you are very talented too.