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Monday, February 23, 2015

Hockey Skills with Brook Day One

Today we reviewed all the Hockey skills we learnt last year with Brook.

We got into the Hockey position (Haka). Left hand at the top of the hockey stick, right hand on the tape. Right foot back, sitting on the toilet, left hand resting on the knee.

We did Sticky dribble (controlling the ball) and Tap tap (moving the ball faster) and Sticky Stop (stopping the ball turning the stick over the top of the ball). 

We played some games remembering to use the straight side of the hockey stick, two hands on the stick at all times, stick on the ground.

It was a lot of fun!

Name the key things you should be doing when you are about to play hockey?
What are the three things you must remember when playing hockey?
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Student of the Week - Luke-Noah!

Well done to Luke-Noah who has been developing some amazing skills, enthusiasm and perseverance in reading. Super work and keep it up Luke-Noah!

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DPE eTextiles Week 2!

Our second week in DPE eTextiles. 

We had a lot on our agenda and we managed to get through it all!

First we had some time to continue our flashing digital bookmarks. Most of us have finished. 

We then looked at all the ideas of what students wanted to make for their Gadget Bag. 

We discussed what attributes our bags must have to fulfil our brief. 
We practiced using the sewing machine. 

First students sewed a straight line then they sewed a heart. 
This proved challenging but very exciting. 

Students then drew sketches of their ideas and created a conceptual design including the patterns and colours of materials.

Finally we created prototypes of our bags to ensure we were on the right track in preparation to make our Gadget Bags. 

Here is our Journey.

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Our Glorious Mountain

We have had some beautiful weather here in Taranaki so we have 
had some magnificent views of our Mountain, Mt Taranaki. 
Here is a photo of our Mountain from near our school. 

We are currently learning our Maori Mihi. A Mihi is a speech of welcome and identification. 
People affiliate to different rohe (areas) within New Zealand.

When Maori people travelled to different rohe they would perform their Mihi which would let people know where they came from.

Each student in Room 5 is currently writing their Mihi for their writing this week. Watch next week when we post students performing their Mihi.

Do you affiliate yourself to some mountains, rivers or landmarks where you are from?
Do you have traditional ways of greeting people and introducing yourself?
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Room 5 visit Harold

Room 5 had Life Education this week with Abby and Harold. 
They taught us about Digital Citizenship. 
We talked about being safe on the internet like:
not telling people our personal details, 
how to hold our iPads and take care of them, and
 how to balance our spare time between using our devices and getting enough fresh air and exercise.

Do you have experts come into school to teach you new things?

What sort of things do you learn?

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome to Our Quadblogging friends from around the World!

In the past we have enjoyed quadblogging with classes in Aotearoa in New Zealand. 

(Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand).

This year, we are going to enjoy meeting and blogging with three other classes 
from around the world!

Each week one of the class blogs will be the focus blog, 
and the other classes will visit and leave comments.

After four weeks, each class will have had a turn at being the host blog.

Our buddies this year are:
Mrs. Quigley’s 4th Grade Class in Hudsonville, Michigan, United States
Mrs. Pjura’s 2nd Grade Class in Apache Junction, Arizona, United States
Mrs. Campagna's 3rd Grade Class in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, United States

This week Mrs Campagna's class is the first host class.
We can't wait to meet our new friends!

Do you know:
We are a class of 22 Year 3/4 students, aged 6, 7 and 8.
We have 14 Year 3s and 8 Year 4s.
Our Teacher is Mrs. Ericsson
Our school is a rural school, from Year 1 to Year 8.
Most of us live in the country on Dairy Farms and come to school on the school bus.
We live next to a Mountain called Mt Taranaki and we also live near the sea.

We look forward to sharing more about us!

Whose turn? Check out the Calendar!

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