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Monday, March 9, 2015

Taranaki Anniversary Day

Each year New Zealand law provides an anniversary day for each province. Taranaki Anniversary day is the province we live in and our Anniversary day is today. No schools are open on this day so we are all having a well deserved long weekend. Here is a bit about our Taranaki Province.

The Taranaki Province has an area of some 2,000,000 acres (8,100 km2).

We have some great surfing beaches.

We have a ski field during Winter.

We have beautiful coastal walkways.

Close up of our province.

View of Mountain from our School.
Check out this link:

Does your school live in an area that has its own Holiday?
If so, what is the day called and why do you have a day away from school?

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  1. Dear Mrs.Ericssion,

    My school does is not in a area with its own holiday.

    Natalie from Mrs. Campgna's class

  2. Dear Mrs. Ericsson's class
    I am Izzy from Mrs. Campagna's 3rd grade. I don't think my town has any special holidays where we get off school if we do I will tell you in a different comment.

  3. Yes the 4th of july and we do get off school.

    1. Hi my name is Koby thank you for reply to our Question do you Play any games on your holiday
      Is it fun over there in your country

    2. Hi my name is Jackson.We have two weeks of holidays,unless it's the Christmas holidays.We have 3 holidays,how many holidays do you have?What are you learning at the moment? I want to know what your doing.
      From Jackson in mrs Ericsso
      From Jackson.