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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gearing up for the 2015 MOA Awards

We are gearing up for the 2015 MOA awards. 
There is certainly a buzz in the school and a slight edge of competitiveness as we compete for the best digital works from across four South Taranaki Schools - Auroa, Opunake, Kaponga and Matapu.

Ask your child what digital work they are creating!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Dontaye - Student of the week in Room 5

A big well done to Dontaye this week! 
He is progressing ahead in leaps and bounds with his reading. 
He has moved up nine levels over the last few months with his reading and 
he is so enjoyable to listen too. 

Excellent effort Dontaye!
Keep up the fabulous reading:)

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Pizza Making!

Today students worked with Mrs DeBique, learning how to make healthy 
choices with food and how to be clean and safe while making pizzas!
They all had a go  at making them and had a blast. 
They then ate their yummy creations for lunch! 
Thank you to the teacher aides for these fabulous learning opportunities.

Fraser, Tyler and Ryan having a blast making yummy pizzas!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Student of the Week - Ellazae

Ellazae works extremely hard in class. 
Well done for all your effort towards your learning. You have the right attitude.

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Multiplication Arrays - Paimarire

Students in Room 5 have been learning their multiplication times tables. Here is a youtube clip of Paimarire teaching us about what she has learnt with multiplication arrays.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Student of the Week - Quinn

Student of the week this week is Quinn!

Science experiments have been capturing Quinn's imagination. 
He has been exploring these through mini-experiments at home in preparation for the big one, that he has been researching at school.  It is really pleasing to see someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about exploring science.

YAY for Quinn!

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Welcome to Sumo Bots with Mrs Ericsson!

We start Junior Engineering tomorrow. The students with me are doing Sumo Bots. 

Welcome to SUMO BOTS!

I have compiled an 'All you need to know about Robotics' slideshow below. 
This will be your guide throughout the terms Sumo work. 

Has your school learnt about Sumo Bots?

How have teachers integrated Robotics into a junior class programme? 
I would love to hear your ideas.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Music Videos that tell a Story

This week we focused on using a music video to inspire us to create a narrative. We used the website 'The Literacy Shed' to view amazing videos to set the scene for writing.

 Our learning intentions was  - To write an imaginative, descriptive story from a music video with no lyrics. 
Our Learning Intentions were - To use rich descriptions and use similies to describe one thing like another.

This was a sample of our planning template:

Then we headed off to write our amazing stories.

The Petrifying Adventure

Thump! Thump! Thump! My heart was beating fast. the creatures  get closer and closer. I was running through swamps, and forests.  Then the creatures were puffing on my heals. It was terrifying.

The the path ended.Then I had to think for five minutes. After I decided what I was going to do. The creatures got closer and closer.  I had no choice but to jump so I jumped.


Splash into the water I swam towards a bright light. Then I started I started falling I was so threatened. Then I discovered that is was flying through different planets then I hit The ground and went anconis then went back up again. Up! Up! And up.

I thought it was a nightmare. then I woke up and jump to my feet because  I was so surprised I was in the air. Saw then I started to see that a invisible man was holding me. I  was being held in the hand of a invible man. After I said come with me on my journey. On are way back there were some more creatures and they jumped on the invisible man and he went down down down crash on the ground.

I was so sad that the invisible man died. So I took a breath. Then I charged at them. They were yapping all the time that I was chasing them.

By McKenna .

Minecraft adventures

In my awesome dream I woke up and the world was made of amazing blocks, I said to myself,“this is minecraft land on my red iPad.” When I was looking forward, I saw this pink thing it was a big zombiepigman, so I ran away quickly before he caught me, I said,“phew.”

While I was running away from the zombiepigman, I found a village and there was a chest. When I looked in the chest there were two oak planks and two sticks to make a wooden sword.

After I made a wooden sword and I killed one zombiepigman then there was another one and then the zombiepigman hit me with a shiny golden sword.

I got up and was feeling dizzy and I accidentally ran into lava on and I died. When I respawned I was in my well done bed, and I set off for the final battle on minecraft land.

I found a swamp to look for a spider, but I found Cohen and he gave me Diamond, I thought that was nice so I killed him for all his Diamond, gold,iron,stone and wood. The wood was not very good because it will break really easy.

Instead of finding a spider I found a scallion and a zombie pigman, I killed the scallion but not the zombiepigman, the zombiepigman killed me and got my stuff because I keep running into the zombiepigman. I didn't win the final battle between minecraft Steve and minecraft baddies in history and Cohen got wasted!

By Jackson

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Maori Language Week - Mihi

This week was Maori Language week. 
We have been practising our Mihi. Here is a snapshot of our performances.

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Take a Closer Look!

LI: Understand and use new vocabulary
SC: I can search unknown words
I can create a new sentence from a new word
 Last week Kikorangi group had a look at 'Take a closer Look'. It fit in well with our Science AKO and had some interesting terminology. 
1. Read their story carefully.
2. Find new and interesting vocab and added it to  the shared padlet.
3. Then as a group we created our own sentence using the new or interesting word. 

Week 1 Term 3 Kikorangi Group
Word in sentence as written in the text
Definition of word
Word re-written in a new sentence
Your observation  have given you a lot of data about your leaf.
an act of recording and measurement.
I made an observation of a bark on a tree and I found a insect.
Botanists have discovered that trees and other plants must have leaves in order to grow.
A botanist specializing in the study of plants,grass and trees.
I made a Bontanist by saying something.
Towards the end of the 14th century, around 700 years ago, scientists discovered that when a magnifying glass was put inside a tube, its power to magnify increased. by Persaeus
a period of 100 years
Last century the phone was invented .
lenses are used for studying insects.
A transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light to the form images
Lenses were good tips for scientists and the scientists were studying insects.
Botanists have discovered that three and other plants must have Leaves in order to grow.
Discovered or determined by scientific observation.
I discovered a that when the water is close to the sand the will fall.
for a long time. This kind of looking is “ observation. Small hand-lenses were useful.
the act of noticing or paying attention.
I made an observation that I took piece of bark and found a bug.      
Your observations have given you a lot of data about your leaf.
a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn.
I  collected data from observing doing some sort of  actions a bug.
After scientists have collected their data, they record it. Start a chart where you can record the data about your leaf. Leave lots of space at the bottom of your chart to record the data for the other four leaves that you collected.
a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences.
I picked up the video camera and took a recording of an experiment.
your observation has given you a lot of data about your leaf.
the act of making and recording a measurement.
You're observation can tell you about your leaf.
submerge the leaf in a jar of water.
sink below the surface go under or as if underwater.
I submerged the green leaf.
to discover that small hand-held lenses were useful for studying small insects.
a transparent optical device used to converge or diverge transmitted light to the form images
I use my lenses to investigate the spider.
Scientists in ancient civilisations water can be used to be magnify
To enlarge beyond bounds of the truth
I use the water to magnify the leaf.

Later, the Roman scientists discovered that glass that was thicker in the centre and thinner on the outside magnified objects, too.
observation a leaf

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Biographies of Inventors

For Reading, Kakariki group have been reading about famous inventors. 
They then created a pic collage of that person with a few facts about them.

Learning Intention:
Gather information and put in own words
Success Criteria: 
I can search up new vocab
I can use key words to help me


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What I definitely did not do in the holidays!

In the first week back from the holidays, we decided to do acrostic poems about what we didn't do in the holidays. This proved very exciting thinking about all the things we could do in the world but didn't. We focused on using similies in our writing.

Hope you enjoy our writing! Please comment:)

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Student of the Week - Hayley

We welcome Hayley to our class in Room 5. She has fit into routines and learning programmes like she has been here all year. She is a fantastic team member.

Welcome to the best class in the school!

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Junior School Engineering

Here are two speaker systems that were made during DPE, Design Production Education with the Year 7 and 8 students. They were built in eWoodwork then added to in 3D Printing. They 3D printed speakers, handles, and feet for their speaker system. They have turned out amazing and go so loud! Woohoo!

The amazing stuff we do here at Auroa School!

This term we are starting an engineering program for the younger students like this but on a smaller scale. Year 0 to year 3 students will be involved in one of the following: 
3D printing, 
and The inner core 
for the rest of the term.

I look forward to working with students in Robotics.

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Gymnastics Competition! Are you interested?

Working hard at school is awesome but so many students have after school sports 
which is absolutely fantastic. 

Here is Ivanah preparing for Gymnastics. She is preparing for a school competition next holidays. 
If you are interested please see Mrs Ericsson this week so we can put a team together and you can start practicing!

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Star of the week - Connor

Connor is so motivated and has got an amazing attitude towards his learning this term. 

Awesome stuff!

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Regan's Saturday Hockey

Regan plays Saturday hockey in Stratford with Mrs Ericsson's daughter each week. Here they are playing. Regan scored her first goal for the season and got Player of the day!

Way to go Regan!

Check out the Mountain! Mount Taranaki.

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Sumo Bots are a go!

Mrs Ericsson takes a Robotic group on Tuesdays after school. We are focusing on our Sumo Bots this term. Check out the students piecing together their first Robot.

Keep a look out for when we start our Sumo battles!

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