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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Methanex Maths Competition Y7 & 8

Last week, I took my two sons up to the Methanex Maths Competition in New Plymouth to compete against all other schools in Taranaki in a Maths quiz. Auroa School had two teams, Year 7 team and a Year 8 team. 

Year 7 Auroa Team - Astin, Jordan, Madaline & Joe

 Year 8 Auroa Team - Keifer, Meg, Kaiah & Tamara

Jorja from Room 3 was there to document the journey. 

This is her report. 

Check out her blog!

Last night I went with my sister Madaline Methanex Maths competition that was held in New Plymouth. My sister Madaline alongside Joe. Astin. and Jordan they competen in Methanex maths competition if you are not sure what this is or you haven't been to it before here is some information about it. It was also held at seven o:Clock at night time 7:00 pm.

1) At a Methanex Maths competition you get thirty minutes to answer   six really hard questions That evolve around maths.

2) The children competing in this competition are not allowed to             communicate with the parents in any way and
same goes to the parents.

3) There are many schools that competed in this competition all     around the Taranaki region Auroa is one of the many few.

4) Click on this link here-Taranaki Methanex Maths it will take you to the Taranaki Methanex Maths Cometiton can see what they are up to.

You may not know this is not just a Methanex Maths Competition it is a creative science fair as-well and it gave me some ideas for my science experiment at Auroa Primary School this year (APS). Here is a photo of some of the work that has gone into this fair. I also created a video of some of the highlights of some of the photage/photos/videos that I took. I hope you enjoy it!!

Thanks, Jorja.

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